Monday, September 5, 2011

Beach hair

Admitting you haven't showered since Saturday afternoon is probably not the most becoming thing someone could do. But ... uh .. that's my current situation. But let me explain.

Beach hair, is like, the ultimate hair style, at least in my book. It's soft and piece-y at the same time and full of body. I sound so girly in this description, but achieving beach hair on a daily basis is something I probably strive to recreate more often than I want to admit ...

But anyway! This weekend, which was the most wonderful, found Sean and I at our good friends' wedding, and THE BEACH. I spent Sunday entirely at the beach from morning to afternoon. I swam in the super cold ocean and explored awesome rock structures at low tide. And we almost fell asleep. Haha!

Since then, I've had awesome beach hair. And I don't want to wash it out. But it's getting to the point where, uh, personal hygiene comes first.

So! My question is - how can one recreate beach hair without the shellacked look of hair spray? Hair gods, please let me know.


  1. Sea salt, water, and a blow dryer. After you wash your hair, sprinkle sea salt and blow dry. Sea salt makes it soft and the blow dryer will create a beach breeze

  2. I purchased some overly priced salt water spray stuff that *kinda* gives my hair a wave. There's all sorts of product out there for that :)

  3. Get some sea salt spray! It makes your tresses magically piece-y.