Monday, September 12, 2011

Men are from Mars, my fly trap's from Venus

Our Fruit Fly problem is solved: a Venus Fly Trap! Seriously.
Because Sean and I live in an apartment, we don't separate veggies and fruits into a compost bin like we did at each of our parents' homes. We eat primarily vegetarian and fruits and veggies are incorporated into every meal we have. Which makes for a lot of tops, molded bits and scraps tossed into the trash.

A fruit fly breeding ground.

We've left juice mixed with dish soap out in small cups to attract them. We've sprinkled baking soda into our trash. We've brought half-full trash bags into the trash room in the apartment's garage. Nothing works.

This weekend, Sean and I were out and about running errands and stopped into a local garden center to see what they had for seedlings we could plant inside during the fall and winter months. We wandered through their green house and I found the succulent isle. I've wanted another succulent for a while, after bringing home Mum's Sunrise Cactus . I found a cute one,  that was on sale and lonely, but haven't photographed it yet.
On our way out, I saw the Venus Fly Traps. I yelled to Sean, asking if he thought these would work for the Fruit Flies. A lady next to me told me that was a good idea, and she was going to purchase one right then to combat her fly problem. So I brought home this carnivorous guy.

Already, it's working. In the course of just a few hours, it had already trapped a fly, which was crawling around inside. These plants are so awesome. Once their tiny hairs (pictured above) are triggered by a bug, they immediately close and hermetically seal themselves. Then, digestive juices are secreted and they essentially dissolve the bug, reopening in about 12 days. They can survive without bugs, but generally eat three a month. 
(This "mouth" is sealed tight with the bug!)
Hopefully, this will help our Fruit Fly problem, while simultaneously starting a compost bin, which I'll empty at Mum's. 

We baited the plant last night by putting the cup of juice and soap next to it. All the flies were flying around and landing on the mouths, but weren't crawling enough to trigger them. I sat, behind my camera hoping to catch some footage of the action, for am embarrassingly long time, haha! No dice, but I'll keep trying. 

This week, as a personal reminder, I'm posting recipes for mini chocolate donuts and chive pesto (uh..not combined though!) and about our friends' beautiful wedding Sean and I attended last weekend!  Oh! And a hot air balloon landing in our front yard. !


  1. Ahh! I had never even thought of that! We have those issues when we wait too long to take the compost outside...We must do this!

  2. Get one! Our plants can be cousins, haha! :)