Monday, October 24, 2011

Home tour: living room rearranged

Sometimes, the urge to completely rearrange rooms overcomes me and ceases to nag me until I give in. Sort of like the urge to snack on the leftover homemade cookie dough sitting in the freezer.  Of course I gave in to that ...

This weekend, rearranging our living room was on my agenda. I didn't snap a photo of the "before," but this is the end result. Our small apartment offers this large room, which we previously had split in two with a couch to form a "living room" and a "dining room," a concept of which I got sick seeing. That arrangement turned into a totally open floor plan. This current plan uses both.  The angle of this photo makes it look cluttered, which I profusely swear it is not.

The bar stool height table was shifted 180 degrees. The couches face once another again. The coffee table provides support for the couch which when not propped up against a wall likes to slide over our smooth wooden floors and serves as a place for the record player and speakers.
Sean and I definitely waltzed around the room after the speakers were plugged back in to some records! The victorian piano bench doesn't physically fit liked I hoped, but I'm stubborn and keeping it there to sit on when changing records.
Our bookcases are accessible again and the open couch plan just begs, "Read your books on me!" 
This fabulous arrow is created by Brad and Ashley Reynolds from Against The Woodgrain. I stumbled upon Ashley's blog a while ago and fell in love with her red arrow in one of her posts. When I checked her blog again, I saw she was having a giveaway for one and I WON! I've never won anything in my life and this tops any prize ever!  Definitely check out Ashley's blog, she's so sweet!
The canvas artwork is something I made after seeing it on Elsie's blog, A Beautiful Mess.  It was super simple and I made it in under two hours with my favorite quote ever.  Also, can you tell I love owls?
This bookcase houses my antique book collection. I collect super old copies of the classics! And clearly owls and, of course, cameras of all sorts. 
My favorite wall houses yet another collection of mine: vintage silhouettes. I would like to amass a collection large enough to cover an entire wall in a future living room. I like the idea of the room always being "full" of "people." And I like to  pretend they're all sharing secrets with one another, all Harry Potter-like. 

Yes, that's totally Elton John giving people the hand when they walk into the room. You can also see it when you walk into the apartment, which I think is hilarious. Who wouldn't want to be greeted by Sir Elton?

On top of that bookcase are collected letters and a wooden printing press block "S." I'm on the lookout for a larger, black metal S, obviously for mine and Sean's initials!

Oh, and say hi to the last of our pepper plants hanging out in the right corner! 

So! I love how the living room turned out and all I want to do is curl up on the couch, read and drink tea.  All day long. I mean, who has to go to work, right, when a comfy couch is calling your name?


  1. I loveeeee your home. So charming. And whimsical. Thanks for the love on my blog. Nice to meet you. <3

  2. I love your vintage items!! Also love that print by Against the Woodgrain!!

  3. You WON that arrow?! How amazing! I love your little place :) Very charming, warm and put together!

  4. How cozy and cute! I love it. And that arrow is A M A Z I N G. Wow!

  5. Awww! I'm so glad you love it; it looks great! Your space is so cozy and inviting, and that camera collection? To die for!