Saturday, October 15, 2011

This week in instagr.ams!

Aren't those shadow stripes on actual stripes in my closet (first photo) so pretty? I love it. I love being able to "see" little moments of beauty like that.

This past week in instagr.ams includes a trip to Maine to attend/photograph Becky and Korey's wedding, exploring Maine's beauty and a deserted amusement park in York Beach, mastering the Mass Pike on a completely empty gas tank (Corolla's are pretty awesome, I must say despite  being a Subaru lover!), neurotically labeling and alphabetizing my spice drawer after confusing paprika and chili powder for THE LAST time, rescuing that fabulous yellow chair from the dump's Swap Shop, finding (but not bringing home) that awesome vintage Disney rocker during the town's crazy Columbus Day tag sale, making up a recipe for baked apples, creating a vegetarian baked potato and spicy chili, the latter of which Sean said was super good despite my not taste testing because of the spiciness and finally, my favorite room in my Dad's antique shop and an amazing wall hanging housing paper flowers behind rounded glass. So pretty! I might just have to permanently borrow that piece from him ... ;)
This weekend, we're heading off to Plymouth to carve pumpkins with Sean's siblings, drink tons of apple cider, celebrate birthdays, take in the gorgeous fall weather, and relax! I plan to hanker down with "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver and ... catch up on this week's Jersey Shore episode. What can I say? It's addicting! 

Maybe we'll get lost in a corn maze like this family ....

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Enjoy your weekends! Let me know what you're up to! 


  1. I'm celebrating Tyler"s 16th birthday today with the family. He has bb games @ 1pm and 4pm but then we're off to Red Lobster to celebrate.

  2. The very last instagram sounds like it's quilling behind the glass! We actually have a clock with the gold starburst that looks almost exactly like that one above! Good scores!