About me

Oh hai!
I'm Kristin! I'm a 20-something young whipper snapper living in the Pioneer Valley.
By day, I'm a journalist and photographer. By night, I'm a tasty (most of the time) dinner maker. By hobby,  I'm a photographer, baker of tasty treats, antique junkie and crafty lady.
Rarely will you find me without a camera. I'm always behind the lens of my camera, capturing fleeting moments I want to hold onto. Occasionally I'll photograph a wedding or two (I have to love you a lot, though!), but the majority of the time I like the day-to-day stuff. Those un-scripted moments. Sideways glances.  Hands interlaced behind the backs of friends hugging. The smile after the fake one when someone calls you out!

I live with my long-term boyfriend, Sean. He's originally from Plymouth. We met in college and last year he moved out to this side of the state with me! He's alright with me covering our walls ... and corners ... with vintage prints, bookshelves, old classic books, plastic deer heads, silhouettes and my extensive (read: out of control) Pyrex and painted glass collection. Cool, right? I think so.

We share a love for all things furry and cute. We can't wait for the day to own our very own English Bull Terrier. And a sphinx cat. For now, Kali (my cat) occupies the soft spot we have in our hearts for animals. Mine's pretty soft, let me tell you. I'm that person who slams on their brakes for that rambunctious squirrel in the middle of that road who can't make up his mind which way to turn!
My Mum is my favorite person ever. Her positive outlook on life is beyond inspiring. She's battling  cancer and while it's putting up a good fight, she's kicking its ass. Hard.
I'd rather eat vegetarian, I try to bike every week and think everyone should wear more vintage. I'm constantly crushin' on Henry Rollins, believe no road trip is complete without a New Found Glory or Saves The Day singalong and have a thing for correct grammar and punctuation. Hey, I was an English/Journalism major!  My socks never match, I have too many blue polka dotted dresses and accidentally turned our second floor porch into a full-grown garden.
Come back often and see what adventure I've biked, baked, grown, photographed or thrifted myself into! :D