Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well hello!
Because I clearly don't write enough every day already, I've decided to add another writing outlet to my bag of tricks. Look at me! I can write articles, edit the content for two newspapers, reply to millions (not really) of e-mails, AND blog! 
While I do write often, it's not particularly about myself or life (or available for the masses to view) unless it's contained within Facebook's 400 character limit for status updates. 
So, here I am. Blindly tinkering away at the customization of this ol' blog. I thought I was relatively HTML savvy but let's get real - just because I can finagle a Myspace layout doesn't mean I can create a quirky blog design. This will just have to do for now. Because I can't bear to look at these codes anymore, so, I'll just say this blog is under construction, template-wise. 
Anyway! This blog is for posting copious amounts of my own photos, recipes and anecdotes. Included in that bundle will be inspiring photos and links from others (with credit to the creators!) and probably more wish lists than one should have. 
I'm intending to keep my family in the loop of my daily life because they're scattered across this state/country and considering the number of relatives who have friended me on Facebook, I'm going to assume they're interested. 

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