Sunday, March 27, 2011

Today, I made a mess

Sunday is Family Fun Day in our household. Everyone gathers at Mum's house and we play a board game. Lately it's been Cranium, Pictionary or Charades. Or Crazy Rumy! Today, it was Pictionary.
Sean and myself, my good friend Sarah, Cory (my younger brother) and his girlfriend Jasmine, Todd (my step-dad) and Mum ordered two pizzas and began playing. Mum brought up our old, massive grease board to use as a giant drawing pad, which I highly recommend doing if anyone plays this game in the future! Less wasting paper, plus everyone gets to see what the drawer is creating! Teams were split boys against girls. Our team, called "Team Just Kidding Kidding," was totally whooped by the boys, called "Team 'I don't care.'" A rematch is in on for next Sunday.
Prior to the game night, I made a mess of my apartment kitchen. Which is funny, because Sean and I cleaned it so well earlier in the morning. I mean, we really cleaned. Such teamwork! A desert was needed for game night, and I had a new cake technique I wanted to try out - checkerboard! But, I one-uped the checkers and I made it a rainbow cake! It came out better than I thought it would, but I was surprised at how brown purple turns when baked! How strange! I used a vegan recipe I have for Red Velvet cupcakes and just omitted the chocolate and red coloring, doubling the amount of vanilla. Om nom nom! Sarah said it was "the best thing" she had eaten all week! Yes!
Yesterday, I set up a small To-Do list and was 100 percent successful, but with a technicality. The post office closed a half-hour before I arrived to send Demi's birthday package! Sorry Dem! It's going to be a few days late! But it's worth it! Ooh, I want everything I sent you, haha!
More Snow Peas sprouted. Now we have seven in total. One more than I planted. Hmm...
Our Chives sprouted up and two pots of Basil now have the tiniest leaves! We purchased more seeds today - Red Pepper, Sun Flowers and ... a type of Poppy, I think. Exciting! We're actually running out of window sills to house the sprouts, so, there are a few in our bathroom. Specifically our shower, because it has a window and a weird ledge in it. We're a little plant-crazy over here!


  1. NICE BUM!!!!

    Also. I support your growing sunflowers. I like them. Hence why I have a giant one tattooed up my side! Let me know how easy they are to grow. I have a black thumb and can't keep plants alive :( I still have a dead tomato plant in my back hall window from last summer haha

  2. Allie!
    I've heard Sun Flowers are hard to grow. But that might have just been outdoors where birds pecked them to death. I'll let you know! You should try growing something! Sean's going crazy with excitement every morning. (Me too) "The such-and-such sprouted! woo!"

  3. my mom got me a pre grown tomato plant last year. all i had to do was keep it alive. i watered it frequently and kept it in the sun but it died before it gave me any tomatoes :( i do better with dogs. they're easier to figure out! much easier for me to keep alive :)