Friday, April 29, 2011

Egg-scellent Easter

Egg-scellent. Egg-stravaganza. Egg-straordinary. How many other "egg" puns are there?

Easter 2011 was lovely. The obligatory photo session was orchestrated outside by Mum and I. I'm on the left, followed by Uncle Bill, Mum, Dad and Step-dad Todd! My brother and his girlfriend showed up later. Sean went home to Plymouth for his family dinner!

Isn't that vintage dress killer? I found it last Friday perusing through one of the antique shops my Dad sets up at. I had thumbed through the rack twice before I saw this baby hanging in the way back. Dad convinced me to get it because I was himming and hawing over its size - there wasn't one. I wiggled it on over my clothes and it seemed to fit pretty well and with some extra "Oh just get it"s from my Dad, this baby became mine! Such a steal, for just $12. Although much bigger when I tried it on without a full set of clothes on underneath, I just made sure you couldn't see any extra fabric puckering in the front under the sash and belt! Plus, a cardigan from Target was great for hiding it in the back. I won't alter it, because it's a pretty good fit. It's so easy to incorporate vintage into every outfit - more people should try it!

Doesn't Bentley looked stuffed in the second photo with my dads? Haha!
Our dinner was traditional Polish Easter fixings with a Will family twist. Pierogies! Those are typically eaten at Christmas time, but Todd really wanted them, so we created an "Easter Pierogie." It's a combination of cabbage and kielbasa, haha!
For dessert I wanted to make something cold, since I was fighting a cold and my throat was killing me from coughing! Ice cream would take too long to make in less than a day, so I found a recipe for raspberry semifreddo, which is quite similar to ice cream, but softer. Adapted from this recipe.

Raspberry Semifreddo

Take the bag of frozen raspberries and 2 cups of sugar (set the other 2 aside) and put in a saucepan. Cook on low/medium heat until the sugar is melted and the berries have become mushy. Let the sauce thicken and then move it to the back of the stove off the heat to cool.

Take out two saucepans - one slightly smaller than the other. Or use a saucepan and a glass bowl that fits on top of the saucepan. Or save yourself the trouble and use a double broiler. (I'm cheap!)

Boil water in the larger saucepan. In the smaller pan or bowl, mix the egg, the 4 yolks, remaining cups of sugar and the vanilla.

Put this saucepan or bowl inside the larger saucepan and whisk your hands off. The drippy mixture will eventually ( I sadly didn't time this) turn into something more pancake batter-like. Whatever you do, don't stop whisking! The egg will cook and turn into an omelette if you do! You could also over-cook this into an omelette, so don't become distracted during this part. But also don't become discouraged. Just whisk. You'll know when it is time to stop because the batter will be thicker. When it happens, take if off the burner.

Fold in the Cool Whip. Then the raspberry sauce.

The blogger from whom I adapted this recipe suggested lining the molds with sarah wrap to ensure easy removal. DO THIS. Otherwise, you'll have to dip your molds into warm water for the semifreddo to loosen. Trust me. In addition to putting my batter into mini cake molds, I used vintage chocolate molds. Super hard to remove the good stuff from!

Freeze overnight! Remove in the morning! Eat your heart out!

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