Saturday, April 23, 2011

Growing up

Our plants are reaching adolescence! With that, comes an unruly attitude! The snow peas are all like, "Hey - we don't want to grow on the bamboo sticks you so nicely stuck next to us. We want to grow on the shade drawstring and up the window." No matter how many times each day I unstick them from the window or any place aside from the stick on which they're supposed to grow and gently wrap them around the stick, they grow elsewhere. Oh well. Teenagers! 
The Morning Glories (top right) literally burst out of the dirt. You can see a crumble of earth next to their stalks. I'm not too sure why one had a crazy growth spurt, but, hopefully the other catches up!
Bottom right is a RED PEPPER! Woo! I started an entire egg carton (so...12 seeds) with Red Peppers and only two have sprouted so far. I transplanted them along with the Cucumbers yesterday and I hope their roots survive the trip. They're so small!

Our obnoxious amount of basil plants are doing well. The containers that had one or two sprouts only are growing much faster than the other containers which somehow had eight or nine sprouts. Oops. But man, do they smell AWESOME!  I recently gave some away to my friend Tyler, but I may have cooked them on the way over. It was raining that evening and I was headed to the fire station to cover RIT training for the paper. He happens to be a firefighter. I placed the container in my cup holder which happens to be right in front of a heat vent. Not thinking, I turned the heat up high (!) while driving the two minutes to the station and when I brought the basil out of the car, the leaves were grey. GREY! I read that it is also extremely sensitive to cold, so I'm sure the combo of both temperatures didn't help the poor sprouts. Tyler said he is positive he can whip them back into shape. I sure hope so!
The sunflowers are out of control - they're so big! (Isn't that owl planter awesome?! Dad found it on a thrifting hunt!) The top right are zinnias and the bottom are the transplanted Cucumbers. We waited too long to transplant them, and they weren't initially planted as they should have been (farther apart) so the roots grew together and tangled. It was impossible to separate them, so hopefully they will grow well.
The cilantro is doing so well!
Sean's hot peppers are on the left. Can you tell by the pointy leaves that just scream "I'm hot and going to burn off your tongue!"?
Snow fell early this morning, according to Sean who was up way early. I thought about sticking the larger pots outside, sure there wouldn't be another frost. I'm glad I didn't!
We're totally running out of window/sun room, so these guys will need to go outside soon!
Today we were supposed to head out to Plymouth for a surprise Buck & Doe party for Sean's sister Doris and her fiancée Tim. He's pictured in the above photo during their engagement shoot I shot this past summer. This was my favorite from that day. He picked a MASSIVE bucket full of daisies for her.
I didn't realize until last weekend when we were at Sean's parents' house for the birthday celebration that this Sunday was Easter. I really like how my family spends Easter (we're Polish! Mum makes SUCH good borscht!) and I wanted to spend it with them. I tried to finagle in my head a schedule to drive up there in my own car and come back tonight for Easter tomorrow. But then I inherited Sean's cold despite avoiding him the majority of the week and sleeping on the couch, and I don't feel so hot. You can tell, because there's tons of dirty dishes in the sink and I'm such a stickler for putting them away! Sean's at the tail end of his cold/flu whatever and has a huge sinus headache this morning/afternoon, so he opted not to drive down. He'll head out for Easter dinner. We're bummed we're missing the surprise but we know they'll understand. And I'm sure they don't want to catch what we've got. I'll be wearing a mask at Easter tomorrow so I don't infect Mum, who is still undergoing chemo. No way can she get sick! There will be lots of hand sanitizer, hand washing and swallowing coughs in my future weekend!
Happy Easter! :D

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