Monday, April 18, 2011

Pastel Plymouth

Everything was pastel this day.  Sean and I went to his parent's house in Plymouth this weekend to celebrate the April 13, 14 and 15 birthdays of his sister, family friend Kay and his own. We had a Thanksgiving dinner. Ate homemade ice cream cake. Yes, homemade. His mom, Denise, is a talented lady in the cooking/kitchen department. Played baci ball. Ran/attacked Jennie with bear hugs. They unwrapped presents. And then we danced. Sean's sister, Doris, is getting married to Tim, this June. I'm photographing their wedding in Iowa. Both of the soon-to-be-weds have two, well I guess four, left feet. Dance practice was held Saturday night, and well, we won't look so wonderful dancing at the wedding, but we'll surely have fun!
Friday night my family held a party for Sean. We played our regular Family Fun Day games (I'll make a post about that one of these days!) and had some pizza and delicious German Choco cake. My Mum got him an awesome dual hanging tomato planter in which you can plant cherry toms on top and regular ones which grow through the bottom! Woa! My dads' got Sean a portable grill for our balcony! Everyone is invited over in the summer for cookouts! Sean's parents got him a dehydrator, which is AWESOME! I can't wait to grow veggies, and then dry them for the winter for soups! They also got him super nice, top-of-the-line cooking pans. Score! Sean's siblings gifted him planting/gardening accessories and trail mix and such. We've got such great families. He and I definitely enjoyed spending time with them more than receiving presents.
Sunday Sean and I visited Scusset Beach and I stuck my toes in the sand! Yes! First beach trip of the year. The wind was whipping, but warm, so the beach was actually enjoyable to walk on that April morning. My view was pastels, everywhere. The light blue sky with slightly pink, puffy clouds, the light beige beach grass on the sand and the weathered, grey dilapidated fencing. It was extremely pleasing to just look around, and around. Deep breaths of the ocean air, toes in the sand/ocean - such a beautiful day.
As a photographer, I fall in love with so many photos. I have such a struggle deciding which photos of mine make the cut and which are deleted. And then which of those do I upload and share? I always choose too many! Here's a photo dump of our day! And you can always find more from this beach-combing adventure on my flickr!

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  1. I love the one with the broken fence and shadows on the sand. (5th one )