Thursday, May 12, 2011

Double weekend diptych

With a (s)lack of regular updates, I make amends with an iPhone photo dump from the past two weekends.
They were spent hiking many a trail with Sean, scouring the opening day (!!) of the Hadley outdoor flea market (no good finds though, womp womp) and discovering a never-ending mountain of skunk cabbage (super stinky) but among those plants, tons and tons of fiddlehead ferns. Sean's in love with them. I, on the other hand, refuse to eat them because their shape freaks me out. Honestly. Also, their texture. Which surprises me, because I don't have any previous texture phobias. Even now, I'm getting the heebie jeebies thinking about eating a fiddlehead.

Upon discovering our (Sean's) gold mine, we became hunter gatherers and scooped up as many fiddleheads as we could fit in our hoodie and pants pockets. Notorious for putting whatever he finds in the woods in his mouth, Sean looked up the little green guys before consuming them. (Thank youuuu!) Unfortunately, we decided they shouldn't be consumed because they were too furry and must be the less tasty, although still edible, kind. We didn't want to take our chances.
We meandered around the Mount Holyoke campus and I found the largest tree flower I've ever seen. We also staked out a spot on the grass one warm Sunday and identified cloud shapes. I saw a lot of turtles.
While hiking a Summit House trail and having a make-shift picnic on a rock, I found an acorn with a sprout! I haven't ever seen one like that before! Is that weird?

I've been growing cat grass for Kali, who likes it muchly. Sean's grilled twice so far on his new grill and each time has been SO GOOD. Om nom nom. Last Saturday I drove to Plymouth to road trip to Boston with his sister Doris for her Boston bachelorette party. We attended a Red Sox game and proceeded to get rained on. We stuck it out through the sprinkle, the shower and the following downpour because we're "hahdcore New Englanders." The Ford sign gave us much protection, but when it got to be super bad and our shoes were soaked through (as was my WHITE t-shirt! Ahhh!) we camped out underneath the stadium. Jennie found a way to recycle her cotton candy bag into a rain cap and we heckled Bostoners, yelling about Doris' upcoming wedding. Okay, it was just me. "We should have brought noise makers. Oh wait, we brought Kristin!"
We found good friends who also attended the game and were equally soaked, and took photos with a man dressed as a chicken. "Hey, it's muh chicks!" Later in the evening we dined at PF Changs (ohmygodsogood) and had a blast.

Sean and I both need new shoes and were checking out some Converse. He wants black, and I want white. But we both need half-sizes and neither store we went to had them. Although Journeys had these sweet vans that looked like saddle shoes! Also, we saw a hilarious H&M mannequin who looks a little .. stuffed.. to say the least. Whether or not it was a customer or an employee who did the stuffing is to be learned.

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