Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soft serve date!

Sean came home early today, since all but one of his clients cancelled their personal training sessions, and it was lovely! Normally he is home at 8 or 8:30, which makes it impossible to do fun things. Well, not impossible, but you know what I mean. So, he asked me on a soft serve date to Cindy's. I totally needed a break from getting the newspapers ready for production tomorrow, and it's not often an opportunity arrises during the week for a date. So of course I said "yes!"
Cindy's Drive In, a local ice cream, soft serve and burger joint, recently opened for the season and I couldn't be more siked. (They even play 50s music!) And although I'm lactose intolerant, I still eat the soft serve. It's so good! They have 99 flavors and our plan this summer is for each of us to try different flavors until we've tried them all. I'm making a list!
I have a couple of buy-one, get-one coupons for soft serve to Cindy's and we are on our way to using them up! This time, I tried Raspberry Cheesecake while Sean tried Peppermint Patty, which was more like Peppermint Schnapps.  It smelled SO strong and it actually didn't taste so good. Womp womp! I brought two chocolate soft serves over to Mum because she had chemo today and I knew she would want a pick me up! We definitely looked odd, double-fisting soft serves when there was only two of us. Hahaha! Also, we matched - NOT on purpose. This literally happens to us at least once a week.
The field behind Cindy's has always beckoned to me to explore. So we did! I've definitely found a new photo shoot location and I can't wait to hold a session there!


  1. The soft serve hit the spot.Thanks sweety luv Mum

  2. I totally want soft serve now! Also, Dan and I end up unintentionally matching fairly often, too. Great minds...