Monday, June 13, 2011

The Crimson Ghost

This lamp in our living room is a touch lamp, meaning you have to touch it for it to turn on. There's no on/off switch whatsoever. I was making dinner this evening and when I walked into our dining/living room, the lamp was on. AHH!
This is the second time in the past couple months that this lamp has randomly turned on. And this is what spooks me! It doesn't occur often enough that would lead me to believe an accidental bump of the bookshelf triggers it. Or the couch hitting the bookshelf or something like that! Might it have something to do with the fact the lamp is red and there is a piggy bank in a lower shelf with a Crimson Ghost I painted on its face?
I do believe in ghosts and I when I used to work in the extremely old library of Mount Holyoke College  in high school, I saw ghosts and had freaky things occur often. I swear. If you hooked me up to a lie detector test, I would pass with flying colors if someone asked me if I've seen ghosts.
Each time I looked the ghost in the eye, they disappeared. One was a war general, dressed in a blue cotton jacket with gold buttons and matching pants. He had a brimmed hat and long, scraggly black beard. When I worked up enough courage to stand in the spot where I saw him and subsequently saw him disappear, he was standing in the WAR SECTION! The second siting was of a man who looked like Charlie Chaplin, with a black bowler hat, black suit and square mustache.
They were there, clear as day. Each time, I wasn't looking in their direction, but was putting books in order on my cart. I felt someone behind me or saw one of them out of the corner of my eye. Once we made eye contact, they were gone. Literally just not there anymore.
While the thought of a ghost in this apartment gives me the heebie jeebies, I'm not completely scared. I just hope they don't mess with my stuff or bother me when I'm sleeping. Now that's not cool.
Have you seen any ghosts or had weird experiences happen to you?


  1. I'm started to get weirded out that every time I turn around this week I run into a story about ghosts. We have one of those touch-lights too and it sometimes turns on randomly... but it had something to do with the vibration of the heater/boiler starting. Anyway, a looonng time ago (before digital cameras) we captured a ghost in a picture. It was during the play they have at the Salem witch dungeon before you go down to the basement (former dungeon). My mom said she felt extremely uncomfortable during the play. So, with all the hoopla surrounding the spookiness of Salem, when the pictures were developed I jokingly asked "Any ghost pictures??" My mom held one up, "Like this?" And there she was... a transparent Puritan lady standing on the side of the picture. Needless to say I completely freaked out.

    P.S. Your blog is fun. I love that you used heebie jeebies (personal favorite expression).

    Hugs, Caitlin :)

  2. Oh man! I hope you can find that photo one day! I'd LOVE to see it!

    Miss you, lady! <3

  3. I know we have it somewhere here. I'll try to find it! My mom made a bunch of copies and gave it to ghost people and camera people (lol aka photographers) and no one could explain it...

    Miss you too!!

  4. That would freak me out as well! As a child, I saw my grandfather who had passed before I was born. It wasn't scary, just strange. At that point in life, I didn't know what he looked like but once I saw a photo of him a few years later, I KNEW that the man I saw was him. I swear by it.

  5. Briana, that's such an awesome ghost experience!! Isn't it neat how you just know? :)