Saturday, June 18, 2011

A western wedding

Doris and Tim were married June 4, 2011 in Iowa.
I've known them only as a couple and was introduced to them near the end of my freshman year in college in 2005 when meeting Sean's family for the first time. I fell in love with them instantly.
Carefree and completely in love, they exude happiness from every pore. We were all waiting for when the time came for Tim to propose. I was the first one he told about his plan in 2010 and I helped him with a few things behind the scenes. Including keeping the secret quiet from Sean and forgetting to bring the engagement ring from my home in Western Mass to theirs in Plymouth. Oops. I was honored to be asked to photograph their wedding.
Doris, Tim, Renee and her boyfriend Chris drove down to Iowa a week before the wedding to set things up. Myself, Sean and his family flew down June 2. Kay, Doris' best friend, drove down with her fiancee and the wedding dress. Everyone made it safely. Doris finally breathed a sigh of relief when Kay appeared with the dress.
Somehow, Sean and I weren't informed we needed to rent hotel rooms during our stay. Tim's Grandma and Grandpa graciously let us stay in their beautiful home (complete with gorgeous antiques - I was in love) for the first night. Later on, we bunked with Doris and Renee and then finally Renee and Chris in a beautiful lodge.
Sean and I helped Tim run errands the day prior to the wedding (Iowa has Super Targets! Woa) and he showed us around his hometown as best he could. His family was so gracious and nearly every meal we ate was home cooked.
The wedding itself was lovely, with a few mishaps mostly involving breaking glass, that are funny to look back on now. It couldn't have been more perfect for a pairing that is so perfect for one another.
Influenced by the Mid West, everyone wore cowboy boots, including the bride and groom. The reception was held in another beautiful location which looked like a log cabin, complete with stuffed bear, moose and deer heads adorning the walls. I don't think it could have screamed "Tim" more, who, by the way, let Doris take full reins of the theme, decorations and planning. He kept saying, "Whatever Doris wants" and "If Doris is happy, I'm happy." Honestly, Tim could have gotten married in a mud puddle if Doris wanted and would have been just as peachy.
During the wedding ceremony, Doris cried the instant she began walking down the isle with her Dad. And while we all joked about who would cry first (everyone suggested Doris, including herself) it was hard to keep a dry eye. Amidst her tears as she walked down the isle, Doris was beaming. When saying her vows, slipping the ring on Tim's finger or listening to the pastor, tears streamed down her face but she looked so in love, and so completely complete. Tim just smiled the widest smile I've ever seen literally the entire time. I think he gave his cheeks a workout that day. Every time I looked at him, which was all the time through my camera, he was smiling. It was contagious.
Truthfully, I shed a happy tear when I caught Doris mouthing "I love you" to Tim on the alter. The entire ceremony, and day, was beautiful.
I promised Tim I would keep these babies embargoed until he and Doris returned from their two-week honey moon. They returned early this morning, and while that means I can technically post them (can you tell I'm a journalist?) I will still keep the majority under wraps with only three complete dress shots. I can't wait to show them to The Duquettes (I love saying that now!) next weekend, so hopefully these babies will not only tide them over, but myself as well.

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