Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite faces || Zoo Adventure Part 1

Last weekend, Sean and myself met up with his brother Roy and girlfriend Jennie at a zoo in Massachusetts. We ended up spending more than four hours there without totally realizing it. I've never seen such an awesome array of animals all together in once place before. The adventure was totally awesome.
Who knew that Lemurs made adorable "woaaaa" noises like the aliens from Toy Story?! Or that there's a cross-eyed white Bengal tiger? (Adorable, yet vicious). Or that Jennie will try to feed any animal this planet has to offer?
Giraffes are my favorite animal ever, but Lemurs sure do take a close second, after this adventure!
Look at that fat little mayawn! Uh...awkward talk for "man."
Dem eyes!
Doesn't he look like his name is Nigel? It's the stache.
We got to touch deeyows! I mean deers! Ahhhh! So, so cool. It was called something like the Enchanted Deer Forrest. Awesomeee!
Jennie..... !


  1. What fun photos! I especially love the first giraffe pic :)