Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Spots In Your Home - A Photo Challenge

My home has happy spots. Lots!

On the hunt for happy hot spots is Rachel, of Smile and Wave, with this photo challenge. The majority of my happy spots include thrifted finds but what makes them happy are the memories of excitedly scoring them, on what trips they were found and successfully incorporating them into my home.

For instance, above includes a trip to Vermont with Sean where we ended up in a super old antique store and I found that deer. I remember purchasing aged cheese for family and ourselves, and Sean Macgyvering a tool to peel off the black wax for us to try some on our way home.

The K comes from Kay Jewelers where my stepdad worked before they closed. He grabbed the K for me.  The wooden S that looks like a 2 and those small, metal letters? Printing press blocks from an adventure to Brimfield.

The tiny woooden chipmunk? A keychain from my oldest (longest?) best friend Amy, who hiked the entire Appalachian Trail by herself to raise money for the American Cancer Society, in memory of her aunt and in honor of my Mum.

The victoria candle stick holder - rummaging through my dad's antique co-op booth on our Thursday dates in Palmer, where I work on Thursdays and he used to visit his booth.

Bookcase? Sean's from his old bedroom which no longer exists.

The ampersand? A find from my Dad while he gathered inventory for his new antique shop.

There's a whole myriad of memories in that little happy spot alone. Others, like my bedroom and office/closet/nook just invoke the warm fuzzies and make me want to curl up and read, regardless of the forecast. The nook just seems extra cozy today with this much-needed rain.


  1. that red lamp in the first picture is AWESOME! you have such great taste :)

  2. Where's the best spot to look at for warm fuzzies... Ya know the picture of "Mum"

    Luv U

  3. Thanks, Joy! It's ancient! From my great, great grandma!