Saturday, July 2, 2011

Popsicle palooza

What DOESN’T taste good as a popsicle?

During the month of June, I turned everything into popsicles. Okay not everything, but almost. And it was the best idea I’ve ever had. 
Last summer, Sean’s mom thought it was super funny that I was obsessed with the popsicle molds I had found while rummaging through her pantry. I made orange juice popsicles that day, and was hooked ever since. For Christmas, she gifted me a set of cute, brightly colored popsicle molds complete with their own tray. AWESOME!
Recently, my Dad gifted me a set of four molds he found while on a thrifting adventure for my birthday. Combined, I’ve got ten molds to experiment with. And experiment I did. 
A weekend strawberry patch visit which yielded 11.45 pounds of strawberries (I thought I had picked just three, I swear!) had me conjuring up ways to use the strawberries of which I had an abundance. POPSICLES!
I mushed a handful of strawberries together and got out some yogurt. Into the popsicle mold went a layer of strawberries followed by a layer of yogurt. And then I repeated the pattern of layering until I reached the top. I froze them overnight in the freezer and had the most delicious, organic and completely healthy snack the following evening. 
IT WAS SO EASY! The strawberries can be substituted with any fruit. I experimented with pre-frozen berries (A combo pack of raspberries, bluebs and blackberries) and would suggest thawing them before layering them in molds. There were less air pockets when I thawed and subsequently mushed the berries than when I just plopped in frozen berries.
Other combinations for popsicles I tried were simply plain orange juice, strawberry peach juice, orange & strawberry peach juice combined, yogurt & orange juice (messy) and finally - coffee. The latter resulted in an entire ice cube tray of coffee cubes to put in future cups of ice coffee to not water down the cup o’ Joe. 
Grocery trips will now have me meandering the juice isle, thinking of what flavors would taste good as popsicles. 
Sean and I are heading to Plymouth this weekend to continue our tradition of celebrating the Fourth of July out there. Tim and Doris are planning a clam bake, the family pool is open and at least for the remainder of the day the sun is out and shining. Hopefully another beach trip will happen as will hangouts with BILLS!  Fingers are crossed for good weather for fireworks- America's hometown sure knows how to celebrate the Fourth!

What are some of your favorite firework shots?

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