Thursday, August 18, 2011

A productive production day

This morning has been the most productive. All before 9 a.m., I have made breakfast, baked Peach Cobbler, washed some dishes, cleaned the stove, showered, gotten dressed and put together a lunch. Now I'm sipping coffee at my apartment waiting until I have a meeting with a fellow editor to show her how to use her Facebook page. (My apartment is closer to her office than my office is to hers). Awesome job, right? Yup. Then I'm off to production, where I will proof/copy edit my two newspapers.
It was only a matter of time before I stuck my macro lens in Kali's face. I spent a good chunk of time last night taking pictures of her nose and her mouth poofs. Isn't this photo hilarious? It looks like she is pursing her lips, or being stern, hahaha!
She's such a tolerant cat!
Yesterday was National Thrift Store Day and some other bloggers shared their ultimate thrifted finds. My number one find is this vintage Kodak camera.
It's a 1932 Kodak Vigilant Junior. When I used to work at a local thrift store, I saw this baby put on display and knew right away I had to have it.  This was the find that was the impetus for my now massive vintage camera collection. 

My other favorite find are on my feet right now! Houndstooth heels, which actually match the houndstooth skirt I'm wearing which I just thrifted last week. 

What's your favorite thrifted find?

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