Thursday, August 11, 2011


While en route to Home Depot to pick up old fashioned stain for this project with my Dad, we stopped at the nearest Goodwill. This particular place is usually hit-or-miss in terms of finding interesting items in good condition. So while I was a little bit skeptical, I couldn't pass up a thrifting opportunity with my Dad.

He found some things to put in his antique shop and I found these! A completely intact "The Worst Case Scenario Survival Game," and two Johnny Cash records! Such great finds. The records are in surprisingly good condition. I almost would have missed "Folsom Prison Blues" had I not randomly stuck my hand in the middle of the last row of records. Johhny Cash records are hard to find at an inexpensive price, because who doesn't love this guy? Each record was $1 (!!!!! - these go for $20+ at the flea market) and the game was $2.


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