Wednesday, September 7, 2011

As bzzz-y as a bumble

I've been super, super busy these past few days but thought I would share some awesome and heeby-jeeby inducing macro shots I've taken of some insects I've come across lately.  Isn't this bumble just so cute? I love his little feelers and how fuzzy he is. 
This guy and his eye! It looks like he's got eyebrows. 
Okay, this spider is disgusting. I've got goosebumps just looking at him in a photo. Sean found him hiding in the rafters of the porch on his parents' deck. We had just saved the above frog from a death by the pool filter and found some weird pincher bug. Sean baited the spider with the bug and holy cow, I've never seen a spider bolt so quickly! He ran to the bug and IMMEDIATELY began twisting him in web. I cannot stand spiders at any size, so I was severely freaked out, but pushed my macro lens all up in its grill .. er.. web. 
Poor pincher bug. Not really. He was pretty , um, goose bump-inducing, too. 
I can handle these guys, though. Probably because they're so flimsy. Does that make sense?

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