Friday, September 23, 2011

Babysitting Bentley

Bentley belongs to my dads - Gary (biological Dad) and Todd (step-dad.) Yes, plural Dads. They're married and are the best ever!

Bentley is a Mini Schnoodle and he's totally cute but quite mischivious and always getting into, or peeing on, something. I babysat him for the afternoon after Dad, his busness partner Theresa and I went to an estate sale at a funeral home. No joke, I spent my afternoon wandering around an entire funeral home poking through drawers, cabinets and rooms. Including the body prep room, where I struck up a conversation with a guy in there who was purchasing embalming tools for his own funeral home business.
Being a reporter, I couldn't not ask him questions about every bottle and tool in the cabinets and porcelain drawers, and he was happy to inform me of the job "skin stretchers" do and when to use "skin seal." Did you know blood from a body is drained into the town/city sewers? I had no idea. This entire adventure is a whole blog post in itself, so check back tonorrow!

Back to Bentley. There wasn't enough room in my Dad's SUV to haul home literally the majority of the furniture inside the home (he and Theresa own an antique shop, for which they were buying) and while Bentley made the trip with us to the sale, there wasn't enough room in my Dad's car for either him or myself, so Dad dropped us off at my aparment, where Bentley and I spent the majority of the afternoon!
He explored our balcony and I set him up on a chair for a quick photo shoot. I'd say he was 2 for 4 in terms of cute photos - the rest were funny out-takes!
We went for a walk in the rain and his fur tuned into cute tiny ringlets of white...
And he tuckered himself out and laid on my desk while I wrote this entry until Dad came and picked him just now!
Now it's time to order out for some Thai food, wait for Sean to come home and then watch disk 2 of Dexter season 5 for the remainder of this rainy evening!

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  1. That picture of him standing in the chair is SO cute and hilarious!

    Isn't Dexter awesome?!?