Saturday, September 17, 2011

Marie and Bjorn's wedding

Marie and Bjorn had the most relaxed wedding I've ever attended. It was completely perfect for their personalities and couldn't have better represented them as a couple.

Marie and I met in college. Before knowing each other existed, she inadvertently was the mastermind behind Sean and I meeting - also at college. Haha! Through her friendship with Sean, she and I got to know each other well and we just clicked.
Marie is genuinely kind, very intelligent and completely caring - but don't let her friendly appearance fool you - if you piss her off ... get.out.of.her.way! Haha :) She and I spent a lot of time together during college and worked together on the same newspaper. Her feisty spirit is contagious. We share a smiliar love for antiques, thrifting and dogs - she volunteers at a dog rescue in Plymouth and devotes much of her time fighting for dogs lives. 
The minute I met Bjorn, he had me in stiches. I'm laughing within seconds of being in his presence and I am amazed at how well he and Marie's personalities blend. Bjorn is super creative and talented in both music and design. His obvious admiration for Marie is heartwarming.
Marie and Bjorn were married in the backyard of their new home in Plymouth, Ma. Upon our arrival, Sean and I found Bjorn walking around outside in front of a beautiful, giant white tent. For someone who has always appeared to me as beyond calm 24/7, it was cute to see Bjorn just a liiiittle nervous.
This above photo was obviously not taken by me (far right!) but it captures one of my favorite moments from the wedding - ANY wedding. Sean and I were joined by friends and were talking to Bjorn before the ceremony. Marie was getting dressed and ready in their bedroom, which is just a few feet away from where we were standing. The curtains were drawn, but all of a sudden, she poked her head through them and wrapped them around her so only her face was showing - so as not to show Bjorn her dress - and gave him a heads up of where she was at time-wise, or something like that. This photo was captured right as he began walking over to her and they had their window conversation. Too cute!
Their backyard in which the wedding was held is beautiful. The tables under the tent were adorned with glass jars of flowers and were arranged around a dance floor. Marie came out of the house escorted by her father and joined Bjorn and their friend on the floor. Their friend obtained a one-day license to marry them, which I thought was special. As expected, Marie and Bjorn laughed during the vows, which made the tearful moments even more touching.
Soon after, the dance floor filled up and we ate the most delicious vegetarian food - watermelon in couscous! Brilliant! Apparently, BBQ was a condition of Bjorn's marriage to the veg Marie, and there was plenty of it to go around. I couldn't believe the copious amounts of tasty food surrounding us! The wedding cake, pictured above, was HOMEMADE by Marie's cousin - crazy, right? As were some milky-way cupcakes. An abundance of deserts filled a table and everyone was welcome to them at any time.
What I really loved the most about the wedding was just how relaxed everything felt. A big deal wasn't made out of saying the vows and guests were eating deserts before the wedding cake was officially cut. Little kids were shooting Nerf rockets into trees and across the dance floor while the father/daughter and mother/son dances took place.
The entire day was really great and I hope to emulate their wedding when/if-ever mine comes around! Congratulations, you too! We love you. <3

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