Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend of wonder

My weekend pretty much began yesterday evening when we attended the Jack's Mannequin concert in Connecticut with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. Fantastic! (I'm in the dress!) Today was spent compiling and prepping fellow editor/reporter NENPA (New England Newspaper & Press Association) contest submissions with my coworker and good friend, Aimee. Tomorrow, Sean and I are headed off to Maine - our friends Becky and Korey are getting married and I'm photographing the wedding! I can't wait! They're getting married at a BEAUTIFUL home on the water and we'll be staying in an adorable bed and breakfast furnished with tons of antiques! WOO!

I apologize for the (s)lack of updates and replies back lately! I promise I will get caught up on Monday! Enjoy your weekends!!

Check out a video I shot of Jack's Mannequin playing "Television" off of their latest album, People and Things! It's SO GOOD with the orchestra! The violins! ::swoon::

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