Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving cooking fell on my shoulders this year and I began prepping for a feast for 7 last week. Mum had lunch with me in my office last Tuesday and we mapped out what we wanted to serve and what ingredients we would need. Last weekend, we went grocery shopping. Monday, I made pie dough. Tuesday, we cut up veggies. Last night saw the creation of palm-size Pumpking Tarts, a Coconut Custard Pie and a Chocolate Pudding Pie. Carrots were glazed, squashes cooked and well, squashed. I marinated the turkey breasts (one is citrus-infused, the other italian herbed) which was the grossest kitchen task I've encountered. But it will all be worth it.
This morning was cranberry sauce-makin' time. I made up a Spicy Cinnamon Apple Cranberry Sauce and a Sweet & Sour Cranberry Sauce. I'll post the recipes later this week. Cauliflower was cooked and creamed, potatoes cut, stuffing mixed (the ONLY non-homemade dish), turkey breasts set in the oven and water infused with lemon. All that I have left to do is make whipped cream for the deserts and smash the potatoes. The guests are bringing the remainder of the dishes (snacks, green beans and popovers).
Now it's time to get fancy!
But before I leave you, I'm posting a Letter From the Editor I wrote last week. Please add "blog readers" in place of my newspaper name! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you - I hope you have healthy feasts and heartwarming memories! :]

Giving thanks

More often than not, we humans with hectic lives do not offer up a wholehearted thanks when due. This coming Thanksgiving holiday, however, provides such an opportunity.
It’s a family tradition spearheaded by my mum - before we are given the OK to dig into the delectable meal set before us, we begin a roundtable discussion of for what it is we are thankful. With wonderful smells wafting up our nostrils like tangible tendrils, we listen. We eye the dish into which we’ll first dig and divvy up in our minds just how much of each course we can fit into our stomaches and hollow legs. We continue to listen.  But most importantly, we reflect on what truly means the most.
It’s easy to spew out materiel possessions to appease mum in her quest for our thanks. (Really though, iPhone, I am thankful for you.) But that’s not quite the point of the exercise. We all comply with a true effort for revealing our gratitude and are left with a greater appreciation for one another, the rest of our families and friends. 
Since you, our dedicated Town Reminder readers, welcome this paper into your homes on the regular, it’s only fitting to share with you just what it is I’m thankful for this year. Plus, it’s a pretty good way to prepare for next Thursday’s verbal offering!
Topping off my list is actually, you, a reader of the Town Reminder. Without your continued support, weekly paper pick-up, community submission or news tip, this newspaper would not exist. For you, I am thankful. You help make the Town Reminder a paper of record. 
Secondly, I am thankful to even be able to work at this establishment. Holding a steady job in this shaky economy fresh out of college is not something every recent graduate can tout. I know I am lucky, especially as 20-somethings aren’t the only ones scouring the job market at the moment. So for this, Turley Publications, I thank you.
Lastly, I am thankful for my family. For chemotherapy and its affect on mum’s stubborn cancer. For those who give blood, specifically donors from who she recently benefited. For opportunities that strike at just the right moment and the courage to jump into the unknown, such as a local, small antique shop (Dad, I’m looking at you!)
For networking that leads to a return to a beloved (one might say precious) profession. For first apartments with longtime loves. For a generous step-family of farmers (so many apples and squash I’m going out of my gourd!) For pen-pals in Plymouth and across the Pacific, and finally for friendships that hold fast throughout prolonged periods of  unintended minimal contact. 
The list could continue of ambiguous acknowledgements but the purpose has been sought. Reflections sown, thanks delivered. 
I welcome your participation in this thankful exercise - be it in the form of a Letter to the Editor or the start to a similar tradition in your home. Regardless, I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings and all the due thanks in your honor.

Kristin Will
Kali says "Happy Thanksgiving" too! Also, "Why did my sun spot get split in quarters!?" :D


  1. Beautifully written letter. And I absolutely love that last photo :)

  2. <3
    You are an amazing writer. You always make me all teary!