Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday happenings

Holiday routines always elevate my Christmas spirit. With a lack of snow on the ground and oddly warm temperatures, this season is feeling more like Christmas in California than Christmas in New England. And I must say, it's totally affecting me!

But, regular holiday routines are helping to alleviate this problem. Last night, I brought out some Christmas decorations at Mum's house. We hung red and gold glittery and bright baubles on just about every faux tree material she's got. I strung some lights and my figurative Christmas Spirit gauge went from E to halfway full.
Perhaps it's because Sean and I haven't procured our tree yet, since he had ankle surgery a little more than a week ago and is destined to remain on the couch until a future follow up appointment with the doc. Decorating last night with Mum really helped to kick-start some Christmas Spirit, so I will spend this weekend decorating our apartment - and Mum's house - to my little heart's content. And I may just go purchase a tree myself! We'll see.
What are your favorite Christmas routines? I really enjoy stringing lights about the house, taking cheesy Christmas photos and wrapping presents. (Photos from last year!)

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