Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Water ways of seeing

I've been told a number of times I "see things" differently. And every so often, I agree. There are these times when I see something so beautiful or different that I have an insatiable NEED to photograph it. A drop-everything-you're-doing need. In this case, a "put-pants-on-because-it's-mosquito-y" need to photograph the Maher's asparagus plants after a rainstorm.
Originally, this is what caught my attention as I was wandering through the Maher garden looking for edible tomatoes. The reflecting light caught by the thousands of large and small droplets was what got me through the fence as I passed by. At first I thought, "wet Christmas tree," and then laughed.
It's just that the branches of the asparagus are so pine tree-like!  And the bokeh of the droplets in the background reminded me of Christmas lights. Haha!
I ran back inside and grabbed my camera and attached my macro lens and snapped away. My pants got soaked and I definitely need to clean my macro lens after this adventure. And I only received one mosquito bite! He got me though my jeans! Thumbs down.
There's just something about the varying greens, the spikey branches and the plethora of water droplets that I absolutely love.

What was the last time you had a "stop-everything" moment and snapped away?

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  1. gorgeous photos!!

    ps. maybeeeee i need to add a macro lens to my camera bag!