Friday, March 25, 2011

It's alive!

The sprouts have sprung! The sprouts have sprung!
Okay, really it's just one pot of Swiss Chard. Sean and I wanted to start an urban garden, so we've got tons of little pots of Basil, Swiss Chard, Chives, Snow Peas, Cilantro and Cucumbers in every window of our apartment. We plan to repot them when they grow larger and then put them out on our nice little balcony.
Sean had saved yogurt cups and juice and milk bottles to cut in half and use as beginner planters. We planted our seeds Sunday and this morning, we saw one cup of Swiss Chard had sprouted! It's so cute and it's already a bright pink. Woa! It's not supposed to start sprouting until 7 days.
We've also got two amaryllis plants hanging around. One flowered, the other did not. And, Whitney gave me a Polka Dot plant for Christmas and it's flourishing. Everybody mainly lines our living room window sill and bookshelf.  We've also got some lining our bedroom windowsill. We're running out of room! Everybody needs to grow faster!

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