Thursday, March 24, 2011

My bag, organized neatly

It's usually a bottomless pit, so I was surprised to discover I didn't have as much junk in muh bag as I thought! These items are essentially what I carry around every day. So, if you ever need some granola, bobby pins or paper, just call on me.

1). The bag. $0.75 from AC Moore. Seriously.

2). A pin that says "I photograph (camera symbol) you" I received when covering the local career day for the paper. Also, a newly-won Big Y gold coin (who doesn't play the coin game???) and a handy lens wipe for either my specks or my camera lens.

3). iPhone. I love you.

4). Granola. With all of my favorite things to eat in it. Because I made it! Gotta love Whole Foods.

5). Hand sanitizer from Bath & Body. I meet people on the regular for my job and I don't want their germs. Also, kiwi-strawberry scented vegan chapstick, a jump drive and $1.27 in change.

6). Fancy schmancy business cards!

7). Wallet! Polka dotted. Noticing a theme? It was an awesome gift from Renee and Doris, Sean's sistahs. <3

8). Reporter's notebook. These slim ones are the best!

9). Bobby pins. If you know me/have lived with me, you will know that I have these everryyyywhere! They're collected in cups and random corners in my apartment. And my mum's house. And my car. And desk drawer. Back pocket. Camera bag. Everywhere.

10). Pens! I have always, even before becoming a reporter, carried pen and paper. My middle glove compartment in my car which has a plastic thingy to hold a cup is actually full of pens. I'd estimate about 10 in there!

Okay, tag, you're it! Let's see what you've got hiding in your bags!

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