Friday, April 1, 2011

Fool me once, shame on...shame on .....

In New England, specifically Massachusetts, we were slated to experience a Nor'easter today. The first day of April. Mother Nature knows it's spring, right? People were blaming themselves for removing their ice scrapers from their cars and stashing away their winter boots and hats. Many, though, believed it to be an April Fools joke. Well, New Englanders, we got snow. SNOW! in April! It was a rather light snow which did not accumulate to anything more than a dusting. But the ground was covered, regardless.
For a planned April Fools joke, Sean and I chose our prank victims as our Facebook friends. I mean, it was the best way to attempt to trick mass amounts of people. He and I have dated for more than six years (woa!) and so many of our mutual friends plead for us to get married. For real! Which is quite sweet of them and I tip my hat to you for believing in us! So, I suppose it could be considered a cruel joke, but we pretended we got engaged! I found an old engagement ring when I was cleaning my room many months ago, in preparation for moving into this apartment. My dad was a jeweler for quite some time, and I am assuming that is from where the ring came. At that time, I knew it would make a good April Fools joke. So this morning, I tossed the idea out to Sean, who agreed: it must be done! We giggled while taking multiple Photobooth photos as we awkwardly tried to place emphasis on the ring on my finger. There's many out-takes of us full-on laughing as the timer went off. We chose this shot particularly for Sean's grin, which could be taken for newly-engaged-pride, but really it's just Sean thinking of the number of people we would fool.
And fool we did! Immediately after positing it to Facebook, we were inundated with comments. Some people commented "Congrats!" and then deleted it just as soon as they posted, quickly realizing our scheme. Ali S called our bluff right away - she's a smart one! As a precursor, I shot a quick Facebook message to immediate family members to not be alarmed, that this was a joke, and to play along. My Mum and Dad were excellent actors!
After feeling bad that we crushed some friends' dreams of our possible engagement, I fessed up to our tomfoolery. It gave us a good laugh, so I'll call this a success. While we're not interested in getting hitched at the current moment, we do give some major thumbs up and extra-high high fives to the numerous couples who we can proudly say are our friends who are indeed newly engaged, not-so-newly engaged and about to be married (Doris & Tim!)

Despite the cold weather and now-melted snow, our apartment farm is flourishing! The snow peas, which only two days ago were still furled little stalks, spread their wings .. er.. leaves, and are shooting up as fast as they possibly can! This Sunday marks three weeks since their planting. Soon we will have to thin them and transplant them to their own pots! I cannot wait to walk through the living room and grab a pea pod on my way out! (See the snow in the first photo?! New England, you're nuts!)

Our cucumbers FINALLY made their way to the light of day and literally burst open. They came up yesterday morning and now they're already spreading their leaves! There are many little pots of basil. Sean said since it grows fast and large, we're probably going to end up giving many leaves away. So after I make mass amounts of pesto, I'll dole out our stash. Let me know if any of you would like some basil leaves! We're more than wiling to share! Lastly, our chives finally poked up! See the seed casing still on the top of the sprout? How cool is that!? Mum says these guys grow fast, too, so, we'll be jumpin' and chivin' in no time! 

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