Monday, April 11, 2011

Growin' crazy

It's been about four weeks since we planted our first seeds. Since then, everyone is growin' crazy. I know I keep saying that, but it's amazing just how quickly these sprouts emerged! My sunflowers literally burst out of the ground - there were crumbles of soil next to the tiny sprouts when they came up! Woa!
Sean transplanted the snow peas last week when I was sick with the flu. In total, we've got seven plants. Bamboo sticks were stuck in the soil next to the plants so they had something to grow up. Their feelers are so cute! You can see the snow peas in the white bucket closet to the window in the photo on the left. Also there you can see one of our two amaryllises, the sunflowers in the blue pot with waves, Sean's Jalapeno peppers in the middle (bleck) and some Zinnias which I just planted Friday. On the top right is our Basil, which finally is growing edible leaves! And then below is our Swiss Chard. The other plants are in our bedroom and bathroom where the most sunlight streams through. There is just more Basil (27 plants....) cuces, and Marigolds. Oh, and Red Peppers. Which aren't making an appearance yet. Hurry up!
Sunday we decided to hike a trail in Skinner State Park. We chose a side of the Mount Holyoke Range which I had never explored and meandered over a brook and up the mountain. Unfortunately, the Summit House and deck are under construction so we couldn't visit. Womp womp. Climbing the mountain wasn't so bad after having biked the previous day, but hiking down was rough! I had such a funny sensation in my thighs, like I was being tickled!
Those mushrooms were growing on a tree we passed. I liked them because from underneath they are bright orange, but then looking down they resemble seashells. Nature rules. It would be neat to figure out what type of mushroom they are. Perhaps we should invest in a woods identification book, or something. Any suggestions?

Before heading home we stopped at Cook Farm to visit the baby cows. Earlier in the week Mum pointed out there were some new baby calves out and about, so we had to go see them. I think it would be funny to make a book or have a photo series of funny animal photos. The chicken in the upper left looks so angry, or skeptical. And the cow below is totally in the middle of a sentence. 

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