Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tickled pink

I love tea. I'd call myself a teetotaler, but in this context it has nothing to do with tea. Although I actually would consider myself a teetotaler, since they don't consume alcohol, but I digress.
Chai and Earl Grey are my teas of choice. The Holyoke Mall recently opened a Teavana and I stop in nearly every time I'm in the mall. Those free sample sips are hard to stray from. Whitney used to make me Earl Grey lattes when she worked at The Thirsty Mind and they were THE best ever. They smelled like Fruity Pebbles! Yum!
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Trader Joe's lures my Mum and I in every time we're in the area. Last weekend we stopped for a Trader Joe's Run, as we call them, and found ourself searching the tea section. She needed Green Tea for ... something. I don't remember. While looking for that, I found it. Cranberry Green Tea. Hallelujah! It looked so delightful from the package. (Who says they don't judge books by their covers??) It went immediately into my basket.
And let me tell you, it's so good. SO GOOD! Aside from being a pretty rose color, it makes my taste buds happy. It doesn't have an overpowering flavor. You can't really taste any cranberryness, but it definitely adds to that tea aftertaste. It's slightly tart and as cheesy as it sounds, refreshing. You definitely don't need to add any sugar to it. Plus, it's great both hot and cold. I put ice in it and it still kept a nice flavor. It's the perfect tea, because you can brew it, and if you're like me and leave glasses and mugs everywhere, you can come back to it and it doesn't taste gross cold!
It comes in these triangular biodegradable tea bags which when wet let you see all the neat little tea leaves and ingredients. Everything is organic and each bag includes hibiscus flowers, cardamom seed (yum), lemongrass, cinnamon bark, apple pieces, star anise, rosehips, clove and of course, green tea and cranberries.
Early this morning I let some steep all day long so I could have some while I put together the newspapers tonight! Good thinking. Hah! So, thumbs up, Cranberry Green Tea. I would recommend you to anyone!


  1. I'm very into organic green tea and organic wine as well because grapes have so many pesticides. Please get me some of this tea next time. Sounds delish. :)AP