Monday, July 11, 2011

Aquarium photobombs

I wanted to high five a penguin flipper, or shake it. Instead, I touched a bunch of stingrays. Good trade off? I think so.
This weekend, Sean and I ventured to Connecticut's Mystic Aquarium. I had attempted to reserve two spots in their Penguin Encounter program where you get to hang out in a circle while a penguin walks around in the middle. You can touch it. Hug it. High five it. I wanted to do all of that.
In what is now apparently old fashioned, I telephoned in two reservations, and was promptly told their online reservation system had secured every reservation ... except one. What? I know this is 2011, but I was under the assumption a small majority of reservations would be, well, reserved for phone reservations. Blast you, interwebs!
Alas, we didn't get to high five a penguin or watch it waddle in person, but the entire aquarium itself was just as fun.
Beluga whales to watch above and under water, sea lions, seals, penguins flapping around in a tank and touchable stingrays! Admittedly, I was relatively scared to actually touch one, but it was SO COOL. !!!
Inside, there were fish of all sorts, sharks to touch, crabs and jellyfish among every other amphibian.

A hilarious trend kept happening with all of them, however, as I would be taking pictures. They like to photobomb. The beluga whale clearly enjoyed randomly whizzing by the largest section of the viewing tank and staring at the visitors. So rather than blog the typical aquarium photos, I give you aquarium photobombs.
Everyone else swims to the left, this guy stares right at me with a crooked mouth.

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