Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not that kind of weed!

We've got some nosy neighbors. They're elderly, don't have visitors often and are avid readers of one of the newspapers for which I am editor. Who doesn't have neighbors similar to that?

Today, I encountered them on my way out the door. During our small talk came the topic of mine and Sean's garden. We started it in early spring, indoors, and during the last few summer months have transplanted the majority of the plants into large, five-gallon paint buckets. To ensure maximum sunlight, we pushed them onto our fire escape. Currently filling those orange buckets on the fire escape are a massive basil plant, two jalepeno plants and a tomato plant.
The neighbors remarked at how abundant our balcony garden seemed, curiously asking just how many plants and varietires make their home in that location. The woman mentioned how many green leaves she sees when driving past our balcony. Then she said, "We thought you were growing weed plants up there!"


Wrong kind of weeds, lady! I chuckled, as did they, but you could tell a small part of them actually thought we were growing pot.

The irony? Sean and I are straight edge.

(Great thrifting scores! Anything owl related is right up my alley!)

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  1. I love the owl pot.
    Pinch the newest leaves on the basil to encourage more side growth. AP