Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Awkward crush time

For a young lady in her mid twenties, I've got some pretty odd celebrity crushes. A lot of them turn out to be men who are much, much older than I am. Which is pretty hilarious. Like Henry Rollins. Heyo!

My newest crush is Mike Wolfe from the television show American Pickers. I think he's a babe. So I told him, via Facebook. AND HE WROTE BACK TO ME. AND - icing on the cake - HE LIKED my post.

I feel like a 13-year-old girl who just won Backstreet Boys tickets or something.
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Incorrect grammar aside,  Mike Wolfe:
1). Acknowledged my presence on earth.
2). Made that acknowledgement Facebook official.
3). Read something I wrote to him.
4). Wrote back to me, which, is pretty exciting because after creepin' his Facebook page I noticed he doesn't write back to every comment.
5). Said I'm a pretty good Picker.


I think he's funny. I think he's cute. He has a tattoo of a bicycle wheel that looks like the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. Either way, I like both of those things. I like to ride bicycles. So does he. I like to rummage flea markets, old places and thrift shops for awesome rusty gold treasures. So does he. It's a match made in heaven. I mean, can you just IMAGINE what our house would look like if we were, like, married? It would be full of the coolest junk on earth and we'd continually be searching for more.

Okay, pretty sure I've taken this a little too far over the creep line. Let me step back a little and retreat to teetering on the edge of complete admiration and awkward infatuation.

I shouldn't mention that I have an American Picker's T-shirt, right?


  1. I bet he totes checked out your facebook page after he responded!

  2. Hey it's all good. I fangirled at your mention of the Backstreet Boys (yeah still a fan) haha!

  3. Minus points though for his less than stellar grammar lol.

  4. Ha! That is fantastically awesome! He's an easy man to have a crush on :) Congrats on your future together ;)