Saturday, August 6, 2011

Uber blueb

Blueberry season began, but apparently it isn't doing too well. Our summer hasn't been filled with enough rain, and good bluebs are scarce. The bushes at the local farm Mum and I went to this morning had few bluebs to a branch. Many were dried out, like this guy!
Regardless, it was nice to walk up and down the rows, chatting with Mum. We picked 4.5 pounds to split between us, so expect  many a blueberry recipe post in the coming weeks. I made blueberry tarts for an editor meeting at work yesterday, and they were well received, which was nice. Jen even went back for a second helping - a baker's best kind of compliment!
After lugging our blueb bounty home, we washed and froze a good chunk of them. We like to put frozen bluebs in cereal in the morning and they're good to snack on during a hot day. They work well as ice cubes, too!
Mum picked and I .... took pictures. Haha! Remember when these shoes were all the rage? The beginning of slip ons! I found them in a shoe pile at Mums! 
I guess I subconsciously dressed for the day ... all in blue! "Violet, you're turning Violet!"

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