Monday, August 8, 2011

Tons of tunes

It's  been a long time since I've purchased new music. There comes a point where you're like, "I need new sounds in my ears right meow or else!" Or else what, I don't quite know, but I don't ever want to find out!

At one point in the past few months, I made a list of albums I wanted to purchase. I would add to it every now and then, in the anticipation of visiting a record store in the near future. Since then, I've lost the list, and yesterday had to recall what I really wanted from memory.

Yesterday, Sean and I spent the late afternoon meandering around downtown Northampton. He took us out to dinner at Bueno Y Sano (YUM) and among our travels, we went to Newbury Comics. I have a few friends involved in the music industry and from conversations with them, I've learned the potentially obvious bit of information that bands really only profit from in-person sales - not from online venues such as iTunes. To the point where it actually should be criminal. So, as a sympathizing artist, to the record store I made sure to go.

The appeal and draw of iTunes and similar sites is clearly the price. I died a little inside when I price checked what I purchased in-store with what the albums retailed on iTunes. My wallet is mad at me, but my ears are not.

I purchased, from left to right up top, The Decemberists' "The King is Dead," Death Cab For Cutie's "Codes and Keys" and Eddie Vedder's "Ukulele Songs."  For these three, I shelled out $45.

Also in my hands were Balance and Composure's "Separation" and Brett Dennen's "Hope for the Hopeless" and "Lover Boy." I left out the B boys. These I did not purchase, because I really didn't feel like dropping 80 some odd dollars on tunes.

That said, they will become a part of my playlist ... eventually. But really - what an eclectically odd taste in music I've got. Eddie Vedder, Balance and Composure and Decemberists? Hahaha!

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