Sunday, August 21, 2011

A case of the Maine-days

Tomorrow, I will not have a case of the Mondays. Rather, it will be a case of the Maine-days, as Sean and I are headed up to Maine to stay on the coast for the first part of our week vacation. Part two involves Plymouth and Martha's Vineyard, if there isn't too much presidential security hounding the island. (We talked about a visit before the President and his family announced their vacation spot. Last year, we ended up in the same place for vacation with them, too - Bar Harbor).
I plan to consume copious amounts of fresh lobster and scallops, visit antique shops and flea markets, lay on the beach reading books (Blood, Bones and Butter  and The Help) with my toes in the sand, swim in the ocean, hike mountains and take millions of photographs.
I'm slightly worried about our garden being left unattended for a while. We've got three bright red tomatoes just waiting to be picked, pepper plants on their way and basil plants which keep getting close to flowering, but have not yet, as I keep picking the buds away.
Regardless, we're pretty excited. I wrapped up all the preparations I could possibly do for the newspapers for this coming week and know they're in good hands. I'm not even going to check my work email once while I'm away, which should be pretty hard, considering I have an iPhone ... But really, I won't.
How much do you want to bet these four little tomatoes will be read by the time I'm back?


  1. Have an amazing time away! And If you need help eating all those tomatoes, I would like to volunteer ;)

  2. Thanks, pretty lady!! I wish we lived closer because I would love to share the toms with you! :]