Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm back!

Not only did New England experience a 5.8 magnitude earthquake this past vacation week, but we're slated to be pummeled by Hurricane Irene tomorrow. Talk about a whirlwind vacation!
Sean and I went to Camden, Maine for the first half of the week, drove down the East Coast to his parents' home in Plymouth the second half and this morning headed back home to Western Mass a day earlier than planned to at least be inland when Irene comes. (Plymouth is right on the coast).
Vacation was fantastic! For someone who eats primarily like a vegetarian, I had lobster for dinner every night. We hiked Mount Battie, beached it, walked a mile-long jetty (one way) to explore a lighthouse, antiqued, meandered around the surrounding towns and read books. In Plymouth, we spent most of the time at the beach and with his siblings, eating ice cream. We also celebrated my step-dad Todd's birthday this evening with my family.
We're sun burned. (Funny story about spray-on sun screen coming...) We're well rested. Totally not wanting to get back into the grind of deadlines, editing and journalism for me, and personal training and nutritional instruction for him. So I'll put off a good vacation photo blog post for another day and hunker down into a new book. I finished TWO on vacation! Im going to savor my last vacation day tomorrow, regardless if high winds and flooding have been forecasted. Bring it on, Irene. I love angry storms!

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