Friday, October 21, 2011

Catching up

I'm here! I'm here! Swamped amongst editing wedding photographs, working, interviewing and all the regular sort of life distractions!

Our heat finally was turned on yesterday which is SO exciting because waking up to figurative icicles hanging over my cave of blankets was not fun. The heat also means my Venus Fly Trap will not look so sad and my succulent will suck of WARM air and not freezing cold!

I've got an urge to just wear warm clothes, drink Chai tea and read or watch the boob tube. (Television). So far I've caught up on Jersey Shore and Project Runway. Oh man, Joshua is my absolute favorite. I need him in my life. He's just too funny and I want his eyebrows. So fabulous! But Viktor definitely is my favorite design wise. I want this grey/yellow skirt he mad a few challenges ago.

Speaking of clothes, I've paired basically every outfit with colored tights lately. I'm super proactive about not getting rips or tears in my tights so I was thinking of looking into getting some tights from We Love Colors.  I've read excellent reviews from them and I feel like it's worth paying double the money from say, Forever 21, to ensure I don't get any runs in my tights!

My agenda for tomorrow includes rearranging our living room, finding frames for the pile of art I have been meaning to hang, stop by the post office to send along the pen pal letter and carving pumpkins from my family's farm with Sean, Mum and my step-dad Todd!

I've got an urge to thrift, too, so hopefully I will be hitting up some antique and thrift shops. !

What's on your agenda?

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