Sunday, October 23, 2011

BK wedding sneak peeks

I couldn't not share these photos I took during our friends Becky and Korey's wedding in Cape Neddick, Maine. These two (both individuals and photographs) happen to be some of my absolute favorites. Both jumped out at me from the mass of thumbnails on my computer. 

The first really embodies who Korey and Becky are as a couple - strong. It's a bold yet simple photograph, also speaking to their personalities. 

The second is Korey getting ready in the next room over from Becky. He was in the room alone at the moment, preparing, when I poked in and snapped this. I like how it exudes quiet. He wasn't rushing around franticly. Rather, he was simply adjusting his clothes in the mirror, softly, deep in thought of marrying his best friend. 

If I didn't have to work tomorrow at 9 a.m., I would keep going through the TWO 4 gig memory cards of photos I snapped that day, but unfortunately, I do.  But believe me, I will be back to sorting these babies as soon as I get home!

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