Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Worldly beauty in Western Mass

Without a doubt, New England is THE place to be in Autumn. Come October, the leaves are quickening their color-changing pace and magnificent maroons, deep oranges and loud yellows are bursting from every corner.

Having lived in Western Mass all of my life, I've never given a second thought to other areas in the country unable to see such beauty literally in their own backyards. It's so beautiful here! I never realized the seasons aren't so severe elsewhere. Being able to see with my own eyes the changing seasons is palpable, making it easier to connect to nature when I can hold multi-colored paper-thin leaves in my hand, hear their soft crunch beneath my feet and taste the crisp cold in the air.
I wish everyone could experience it! So, this weekend when Sean and I hiked up Skinner Mountain and poked around the Summit House , I made sure to snap lots of photos.  The trail we took found us climbing up the face of the mountain, directly underneath the house, which I've never done before. I learned the foundation was poured literally on the existing rock face! It was so neat and afforded us this unobstructed, breathtaking view of the Pioneer Valley. Unfortunately, the deck was closed due to badly needed repairs, but the best part of this mountain top is the surrounding area.

I love living here, the farmland juxtaposed with endless mountain ranges and a snaking river between them. Beauty is everywhere.

I love heart leaves! Happy Autumn, everyone!  What's your favorite leaf color? Mine's deep red, bordering on maroon.


  1. Stunning and inspiring! I'm going on a walk with my camera TODAY. <3

  2. wow. such a breathtaking view!

    ps. i completely recommend the 50mm lens. it's just so inexpensive. and sooo handy. the depth of field is amazing. i think it's definitely gunna become my go-to lens.

  3. I will definitely look into purchasing the 50mm! Thank you! :D

    Ashley, that's awesome! Post what you shoot!