Monday, October 31, 2011


We totally got snowed in this weekend here in Western Massachusetts with the accurate-for-once forecasted Nor'easter. We lost power and the area looks like a tornado came through because of the weight of wet snow on leaf-laden trees. We had no heat or power all weekend, but are some one the lucky residents in the one area in town where there is power and cable and cell phone service. We've opened our apartment to friends and family wanting hot meals and warm showers.  And this newspaper reporter has begun sleuthing around town, camera in hand. I suspect this blog will be quiet for a couple of days as we help others warm themselves and remove debris from houses. We're all OK, just a little slow. It makes for good news, though ... ;)
Without heat for two days, the apartment dropped to 47 degrees!
We made breakfast on our grill outside on the snow covered balcony.
And read Edgar Allen Poe short stories aloud by candlelight. 


  1. snow?? already??

    ps. your thermostat is probably the cutest i've ever seen.

  2. A few years ago a massive ice storm came through Oklahoma. The majority of the state was without power but we never lost ours so we CONSTANTLY had friends and family over to shower, sleep and eat! Many memories, fun and hard, of that week :) Hope you guys get warmed up soon!

  3. Brrr these snowy pictures makes me shiver! Snow can be fun but I mostly hate it. Thank goodness it doesn't snow here in this part of California :)