Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holy hike!

Whew! My feets have been in these cute slipper socks and my fingers in a bowl of popcorn relaxing in bed since 7 p.m. - AFTER I napped from 4 to 5 p.m.! I'm exhausted!

Sean and I always spend Sunday outside, doing something active or on some adventure. It's the sole day of the week where we both have a day off together. Today, we wanted to hike up Mount Norwottuck to explore the horse caves there - these giant rock formations used as shelter. A quick look at the map told us it was a three-mile hike - not bad at all. A further review revealed the trail we chose was the most strenuous and took us up the back of the mountain via Long Mountain.
We had left behind at home the camelback (which holds water) and didn't fill our pockets with food. NOT SMART. We ended up hiking for a total of three hours! It felt good though to stretch dormant muscles while ascending rocks. I took deep breaths often, filling my lungs with crisp air. I love the outdoors! The view at the top was completely worth is. It was so expansive!
The rock formations were wicked neat and climbing through them felt like we were playing a giant game of hide and seek. It was totally great! A literal babbling brook might just have been my favorite.
Surprisingly, we only came across two fallen trees, victims of the recent Nor'easter, which is a good thing. I feared much more damaged would have occurred. The leaves have lost their vibrant red and yellow colors, having changed to a muted orange. Winter is on its way.
(We always unintentionally match!)
Upon returning home we gobbled down a long-awaited lunch and drank up glasses of water. I immediately fell asleep in my Snuggie on the couch and slept for over an hour. There was no way I could have kept my lids open!

I hope your weekends were just as adventurous! Expect photos in the future!


  1. awesomeeee. so glorious. even the fatigue. sign me up.

  2. Seriously, how bizarre is it that we basically did the same thing in different parts of the country?! I'm looking forward to more of your photos from this expedition! Glad you were able to get out and get some fresh air :)