Friday, December 30, 2011

Focus on the future

Looking back to New Year’s resolution past, I can count on one finger the number of  resolutions I managed to keep two months out. Beyond that, they just flitted to the back of my meandering mind. But dwelling on what wasn’t won’t do me any good.  

Keeping resolutions isn’t difficult when they’re easy to obtain. That’s not to say you should strike a lofty goal from the list. But you’re more likely to achieve that euphoria which comes from crossing off a resolution when your goals are simple.  
Start small. That resolution I didn’t attain? It was drinking the ‘required’ eight cups of water a day. I found myself too focused on making sure I reached eight rather than the bigger picture, a more generalized goal, if you will: drinking more water.  Instead of setting super specific goals, like downing the daily eight, try to simplify them. Should you achieve your watered down resolution (pun intended), build upon it. I’m going to again resolve to drink more water. Once I get into a routine of making sure I down one cup, say, in the morning, I will up the cups to two.  
My resolution list will not be long. Here, less is more. Successfully reaching all of my resolutions will occur if my list is short and sweet. I’ve narrowed down a select few on which I could focus in 2012. 
Unplug. I’m constantly connected to a computer, network or server of some sort on the regular. While it may be a job requirement, I don’t need to bring my figurative work home with me. Being a child who has grown up with the world wide web, I can’t fully forgo the internet, but I can reduce my use.  I resolve to Facebook less, untether myself from my iPhone and trade the television remote for a book. How often? It doesn’t matter, as long as I remember to do so. I have a feeling publicly printing this will help serve my memory. 
Since my last two resolutions are on the simple side, I upped the ante and added a challenge. I resolve to participate in a bike race or charity ride in 2012. For Christmas, I was luckily gifted an indoor training set. With it, I can turn my road bike stationary, giving me the ability to train in the upcoming blustery months for the spring and summer season. No specific placing needed – top 10 or last doesn’t matter. Participating is the first step.   
These may not be life changing, but that’s not the point. They’re going to make my life easier or more fulfilling, giving me something to focus on for the future. If you’re one to set resolutions, try resolving to simplify them.  
Happy New Year! 
Aren't these photos of Kali hilarious? She is mesmerized by the Christmas tree every year. She especially loves its bristly branches, and rubbing her face in them. She's such a strange fur face! I love her little cat teefs in the last photo.

New Year's Eve is going to be spent in Plymouth. It's an annual tradition which somehow took place without Sean or I really trying. I always just seemed to go up to Plymouth to visit him during that time of year when we were in school, up until we began living together. He's there now, still recovering from his ankle surgery (calf tear from biking - ouch!). All of his siblings and their significant others will be there to play ridiculous games - I'm so excited. And his family already took and placed everyone's chinese food orders, a mealtime tradition they've held for, well, ever. 
Sean and I don't drink (straight-edge in college which just lasted beyond it without us really classifying it that way anymore) so we'll be toasting with sparkling cider. However, if you do plan on going out and downing some drinks, please, please be safe. Make sure you've got a designated driver or remember that AAA is offering free tows/rides in most areas for those who may have had one too many!
Stay safe! Have so much fun! And see you next year! ;)
Side note! My favorite present to give this year was to Mum - the moon! It's an awesome moon light which hangs on the wall and every five seconds transitions into the next moon phase. I think it's the coolest thing!

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  1. Your little kitty is SO cute! And her teeth! Happy New Year to you!!