Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On the right foot

Or on both feet, really.

Two of my three resolutions were to drink more water and to begin training for a charity bike ride/race for this upcoming summer. This morning, I drank a mug of water before anything else (tea) and hopped on my bike. The cycle wasn't long at all, 10 minutes tops, but Sean had to help me work out some kinks since we just set it up last night. Just from sitting in the saddle and testing it out last night for again, 10 minutes tops, my bum is KILLING me. So sore! It's been a while since it's sat in a bike saddle - since this summer!

I'm quite pleased with myself for jumping right into these resolutions. It helped me to choose a super healthy breakfast - apples and peanut butter with some mixed nuts - just by kick-starting my brain into healthy habits. (I so miss the gym at my old college. Waking up and walking 20 feet to get a good workout - priceless!)

I feel better already. Would it be weird to say I feel clean? Not in terms of hygiene, but just as an overall body feeling. I do! I'm definitely ready to start my day. I hope you enjoy yours!

Your morning cat photo brought to you by Kali. Too cute!

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