Saturday, May 12, 2012

Buzz on

A buzzing noise I heard when I got home Wednesday had me puzzled of its origin. It was loudest in our computer room but there wasn't anything in the window and nobody was flying above my head. I wrote down a dinner recipe and went to close a window in our bedroom when I found this lady - a yellow jacket! (Doesn't it look like she's wavving hello?)
I didn't want to kill her, so I grabbed a clear glass jar because I knew I would want to photograph her when I captured her buzzing self. I corralled her in this container and then thought to myself "Now what!?" I worked up enough courage to slip paper between the window and the container and turned it upright. Truthfully it took a few minutes for the uprighting, but I did it and she didn't escape and sting me! 
She was crawling around so fast! I grabbed my macro lens and bumped up the ISO to the 1100 range and snapped away. I love the symmetry in her coloring!
She looked quite funny when she would crawl around the bottom where the glass is thicker, warping her image. 
After a few minutes I brought the jar outside to let her free - and she wouldn't leave! 
But that was alright. It gave me more time to photograph her! Buzz on, little lady! Buzz on.

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  1. that first picture rules. this makes me want to invest in a macro lens.